#4 Mapping it Out

Sorry if this is a bit blurry I’ll put in a couple close ups.

Evan McMahan

2 Responses to “#4 Mapping it Out

  • Colleen
    1 week ago


    Great map! It’s a great way to organize your thoughts for yourself and your reader. I love your three areas (education, solutions, and stigmas) because it doesn’t just talk about the problem or the solution, but combines them to show the whole picture. Was this mapping helpful to you? Did it help you think about what direction you want to go in for this project? I noticed that you had more under solutions than education. Do you think that’s because education is a solution?

    I enjoy following along with you on this journey,

  • Evan, I love your map! I notice how you have a separate branch for stigmas, and I think that is really important for your topic. It’s great that you recognized all of the different assumptions surrounding depression and how we can work to provide better mental health education. My favorite branch (though I like them all!) says “acknowledge that it’s a disease”. I wonder (as someone who took health online), if schools are required to talk about depression as a disease in health classes. I am excited to keep following your work!

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