#4 Mind Map

Alex Tolgyesi

2 Responses to “#4 Mind Map

  • Allison Stebe
    1 week ago

    Great connections. I really like the concept of a brain map-an eye pleasing way to explore a topic in more depth. I imagine it is helpful to create and view the map as you further conceptualize climate change and the impacts in Vermont.

    Our current fluctuating temperatures are very relevant to your topic…. As you dig deeper into climate change and embark on the What’s The Story journey, do you find yourself thinking about your research and topic beyond the “walls” of What’s The Story? Social Activism is fostered in many ways and this project is just the start of cultivating your story and how you can be an agent of change.

  • Hi Alex,
    I noticed how you incorporated illustrations into your mind map, that was neat! I also noticed the parts “Possible Causes” and “Possible Solutions” – do you think there are any links between these two?
    – Sydney

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