#4 Mind Map

Ella Beerworth

3 Responses to “#4 Mind Map

  • Ella,
    This mind map poses some good questions on the future of refugees. Is this something you see yourself pursuing? From this mind map it seems as if your main goal is awareness, how do you think you’d go about bringing awareness and to what audience? I think this is a great start and a great look at what you’re interested in.

  • Nice job on your mind map, Ella.

    Here are a few other questions that occurred to me while reading your map: What’s the current level of awareness around refugees in Vermont? What are Vermonters’ attitudes toward refugees? What unique challenges do refugees in our state currently face?

    Are you thinking this topic has replaced gun laws as one you’d like to focus on? Either way, I think the Vermont resettlement program could serve as a valuable resource for gathering information.

  • Ella,

    This mind map clearly lays out your ideas and it is very apparent that you are concerned with this topic and have ideas on how to find a solution. Do you know how you could be of influence in this process? Would you like to participate in the help of reintegrating refugees? Bringing awareness to the topic is the first step, hypothetically where could you go with it looking forward? I really like this topic and I hope you go through with it if your passions lie in it.


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