#5: The Line Bewteen Violence and Peace.

The conflict is between the government and women. Women want equal pay, and yet no change is to be seen. Riots, meetings, votes, all for equal pay, and yet nothing happens. No equality, no peace,  leading people to speak out more and more, but yet the government seems to not notice it. A lot of people are involved in this movement, some saying its myth, others saying its outrageous. Take the Huffington Post for example, they did a report on the wage gap, and while it was pretty powerful, it didn’t seem to be as exciting as the new iPhone 7. I noticed recently that people like to only look at things that are “cool” or “interesting” to them, not actually important. Between the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, to the Women’s Law Institute, there are so many large figures out there, and yet we are still stuck in 1950’s. They all think that this needs to come to end, and that we should finally get the respect that we deserve, but once again, nobody seems to actually make it happen.
People are united by a common cause, take the Black Rights Movement, so many people who came together for a common cause, and look where got them today. They fought against something they believed needed to be changed, and it worked. Though some people tore sections of the movement apart with violence, they mostly stuck together. People divide when the lines between peace and violence are blurred. So far the women’s rights movement hasn’t turned overly violent, because people know what violence does. It tears families apart, rips organizations to shreds, and makes that common cause something it isn’t. I wonder what will happen if groups united because of the wage gap turn violent? Will they take the cause to far, or will it make them stronger? What happens when CEO’s and company representatives see a child standing in front of them, telling them they need to change? What will happen to this world if we turn violent, and the only thing we are working towards is more violence? What will happens to us?



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Grace Darrow

One Response to “#5: The Line Bewteen Violence and Peace.

  • Grace,
    You’re absolutely right about violence’s place in political movements. In order for real change to take place, serious discussion needs to take precedent.
    My question for you: What is a solution to this? How can we make the wage gap an issue that is taken seriously by the general public?

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