#6 Mind Map: Drugs


Sidney Carr

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  • Sidney,

    The importance of your topic is clear. It would be super to include, something that Tim mentioned in the ideas for “branches” of the Mind Map, support for “the stakes?” I know there are a number of startling statistics out there regarding drug use in VT. Finding numbers to support the content of your Mind Map, and tell the story of the “stakes,” will be important to your work moving forward.


  • Beverly Moss
    4 years ago

    Hi Sidney,
    Your mind map branches point to the many aspects of drug use that one can research. You rightly raise questions about who uses drugs, why they do it, what is the impact of drug addiction, and how do people become involved with drugs? These are such important questions. Have you thought about contacting drug counselors who can talk to you about trends they see in who uses drugs and why? Maybe you can even interview school counselors about drug use in local high schools. Even gathering data about drug abuse among different age groups may help you narrow the topic. I think you will find that there’s quite a bit of information about drug addiction in Vermont. As you continue to work on your project, will you focus more on why people begin using drug and its impact or maybe drug prevention. You have so many choices. Your work will be important to your community.

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