#6: Mind Mapping The Wage Gape


Grace Darrow

One Response to “#6: Mind Mapping The Wage Gape

  • Mind maps are most insightful when you learn something in the process of doing. I can see, (and I’ve read your posts) so I know you’ve put a lot of thought into this topic. Did this exercise help you learn anything new? Did you make any new conclusions, or discover something you didn’t think of before?
    Your topic can be looked at from a wide range of perspectives, and can be a complex thing to think about. Have you put any thought into the scope of your work moving forward? Is there anything specific about this topic that you’re most passionate about? What can you see yourself doing to make a positive change?
    With all your passion, I think you can dig deeper make something great happen with your work here. Keep up the good work.

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