#6: Self-reflection (November retreat)

    1. Quick Look Back
      1. Read through the learning scale and in 3 – 5 sentences, describe where you see yourself on this scale and what evidence you have?

    I would put myself between “got it” and “proficient”. My group has come to a consensus about lots of our ideas, but we’re struggling with organization. We have mostly worked out a pitch describing our project, and we already have questions that we are pursuing.

    1. Slow Look Forward
      1. Read through the learning scale, make a forecast: how will you do with this skill over the next month, and what kind of support might you need?  

    My group needs to figure out what work we want to get done between now and the next retreat.  We have some systems set up for communications, and I need to make sure that I keep in touch with the group. I also would like to do some background research before next month.

Featured image by Tony Detroit

Avery Murray-Gurney

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