The What’s the Story? 2017-2018 cohort has reached capacity. Please consider applying for the following academic year (2018-2019).

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What’s the Story? (WtS) transforms and empowers young people to become change agents on topics of social concern. We provide the opportunity for youth to build empathy and become advocates to make our world better. We nurture young leaders to be self-reflective and foster students’ understanding of themselves as learners through authentic, challenging, and collaborative work.

“This work is all based around a topic of my interest that I am eager and interested in exploring…the work for this course is all very hands-on.” -Alexa Widschwenter, 12th grade student from Harwood Union High School

WtS is an innovative, credit-bearing course that invites middle and high school students to work in teams that are united by a common passion around a topic of social concern. Cohorts of young leaders extend across geographies, schools, ages, and academic interests and are connected to a national network of teachers and young people that are pedagogically and practically committed to  responsible and involved citizenship. This network has emerged from the teaching and learning at Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English and is a cornerstone of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network.  

This is a proficiency-based, personalized experience, so from the outset students become familiar with this course’s learning progressions, and throughout the course students and instructors use these specific learning targets to guide and track student progress.

“Initiative is the key; without personal interest, nothing in one’s project is accomplished. What’s the Story? allows students to pursue their own interests and create their own persuasive pieces in the form of videos. Students can work independently and then come together to combine their work into cohesive, well-rounded pieces, allowing both individual work and group collaboration. Work schedules are entirely up to the individual, which helps to teach self-discipline and focus.” -Adrienne Ledoux, 11th grade student from BFA St. Albans

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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