Appreciation NOT Appropriation – Blog Post #4

Zymora Davinchi

5 Responses to “Appreciation NOT Appropriation – Blog Post #4

  • Zymora,

    So enjoyed zooming in and reading every word of your mind map. All of it grabbed me, and in particular the line, “What if America loved black people as much as black culture.”

    Then when I zoomed out, I revisited your featured image, which is a great photo on its own merit, but it is fascinating when juxtaposed with your mind map. Makes me so curious about the people, clothes, objects and jewelry in the photo.

    Glad you’re comfortable exploring different possible topics, and look forward to seeing what topic ends of being the right match for you.

    Bill Rich

    • Zymora C Davinchi
      3 years ago

      Thank you! Greatly appreciated! This photo is from my photography project called POC: Power of Color, which only features people of color and their stories around racial oppression in Vermont. It’s meant to create local platforms for poc’s to feel represented and heard, and it’s an attempt to widen the scope of how we interpret beauty, meaning that people with all heritages, skin tones, hair textures, body types, etc are beautiful and not only traditional eurocentric beauties are beautiful. I used this photo because this a clear example of poc’s practicing their customs and traditions with one another, and though we are of different backgrounds ethnically as poc’s, we are still appreciating one another’s cultures not appropriating them. Also, this is a powerful photo of poc’s, and these are figuratively the people, or an example of the people who’s cultures are being stolen.

  • I agree with your point that people turn something religious into a fashion statement. I notice your point “No credit” and wonder exactly who doesn’t get credit and what would deserve credit. I wonder why people thought that white people could do things which if a person of color did, then they would be shunned for.

    • Zymora C Davinchi
      3 years ago

      I believe that credit only becomes a concern when companies or individuals are making profit from the ideas of other groups, or receiving positive recognition for things they didn’t invent and labeling it as their own.

  • I notice that you included famous people like the Kardashians, Marc Jacobs, and several clothings lines and made me think that many famous people or people with a lot of followers have a large impact in society but don’t handle it appropriately. I notice that appopriation has been going on for a very long time and has gotten increasingly worse.

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