Let it grow.

I am here because I have been accepted to What’s the Story.  The real question here is, Why am I here?.  I am personally here because  I am curious. Curious about the things I will learn, curious about who I will be, curious to find my passion.  Curiosity is what’s driving me to attend the program. I came with an open mind that will help me find what has been missing in my life. I want to find a topic that I will be passionate about. A story that I will love to deepen my understanding of. A story that drives me insanely crazy about its beauty. A story that will have so much question to ask and so many answers to look for. I have learned from professionals that passion can change and I have learned to accept that. When I look back into my middle school year, I have been passionate about many different topics. I loved yoga, running, science, music, sports, baking etc.  I love being passionate about a subject because that passion helps create hard work. It motivates me to work hard. I know being here was a choice that I made that had very little influence from people. I was influenced by my math teacher to take a look at it. I am a very stubborn person so of course, I gave it a lot of thought into applying. Maybe I was scared of being rejected, maybe I was scared that it wasn’t the right thing for me, maybe I was scared to change my way of thinking, if only maybe was false. As a teenager, I want to know about myself. I don’t just want to grow physically but also psychologically. I think that I want What’s the Story to be part of that growth.

Stephie Siki
I am friendly. I like meeting new people. I enjoy public speaking. I like helping teenagers. My friends will describe me as an outgoing person.

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  • Your first sentence was gold! Intentional sarcasm or not, it’s beautiful.

    I noticed your curiosity and how it’s driven you to this program searching for another passion. And you’ve discovered that passion is fluid. Which is fascinating and seems natural for passion to exist like that. I wonder about the professionals you’ve written about. NOT stating it’s invalid at all, but it honestly would be interesting to hear their stories and what lead them to their current conclusion on passion.
    You’re very perceptive, in a good way. I don’t really know how it would be bad, you’re just good at it and I’m making this worse by going on. Ironically speaking, teens aren’t developed in self-evaluation or basic understanding of rational feelings. Fact. You, however, exploit and acknowledge it all. That is a great skill that I wish I had. I wonder when continuing with Wts how your stubbornness and passion finding will help you. They definitely seem to have the capability to help you and whichever group you’re in create a dope butt (am I allowed to write the other term on here?) documentary.

  • Nathan Archambault
    2 years ago


    I love the poetry of your words. It is clear that your passions extend to the written word in addition to your many varied interests. The wonderful thing about What’s The Story is that students often find that they learn a great deal about themselves as they work to affect change in the world around them. We learn what drives us and how we work both alone and together. We struggle with the world to better understand it. I’m so glad that you made the choice to join WTS and I look forward to reading your posts in the coming weeks.

  • Hey Stephie, Peter Nichols here writing to you from Wyoming. I just moved here from Vermont and it is a bit less green. I’ll be responding to your blog posts as this year passes us by…
    I share your existential curiosity. I used to tell myself and others to follow the fun, or pursue their passion, but after recently listening to Sam Harris’s conversation with Yuval Noah Harari on the Waking Up Podcast, I’m going to start asking people to determine what they need, why they need it and how they can get it. I’ll couple that line of questioning with “What supports of hinders your freedom? How does this awareness impact your behaviors or values?”
    I too have noticed how shifty passions can be, though when I was younger, the shifts were more frequent than they are now. I came across a poem once that resonated with this: “I am of those who believe…different things at different times.” Recently, I’ve learn a bit about coaching sports. Turns out that early specialization hinders long term performance. In other words, if you only play baseball in middle school, you will never get as good at baseball as you would if you had played many sports at that age and specialized in baseball later. I think this holds true for intellectual pursuits. From what I’ve seen, of the What’s the Story cohort, you are positioned very well to grow psychologically.
    Oh, and as far as motivation goes, I’m re-reading Daniel Pink’s Drive right now and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is an excellent investigation into the tension, the rivalry, between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Keep learning! I will as well. All the best, Peter

  • Ok so honestly really wanted to read this after I read the first sentence it just pulled me in and I can really relate with being a teen and needing to find out who I am same as you curiously too has driven me into this program just lettin you know now I understand where you’re coming from this program isn’t a quick assignment it’s gonna take time and I can tell the people won’t give up on you

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