Learning Threads

What will students learn to do?

Throughout this course, WtS learners track and reflect on their progress as they develop these lifelong skills:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively to understand and be understood.
  • Think in informed and integrative ways about complex issues.
  • Be responsible and informed citizens who work well with others.
  • Play an active and informed role managing and directing their learning.


What content will students learn?

WtS students learn the content knowledge (vocabulary / terminology) associated with:

  • the topic they pursue;
  • the art of storytelling;
  • making multimodal narratives;
  • systems and change theory;
  • learning in a digital ecosystems;
  • team work.


What will students come to understand?

Throughout the course, learners will revisit these big ideas:

  • We are smartest when we work together toward a common cause.
  • Storytelling is one of the oldest, most effective, and valuable ways to communicate and persuade.
  • Successful change agents seek to understand issues in all of their complexity to become clear about purpose, audience, stakes, and strategy.
  • Learning (and effecting positive change) requires risk taking, mistake making, timely feedback, and perseverance.
  • Learning works best when learners pursue their most pressing questions in a supportive, collaborative, and resource rich setting.


Learning Targets & Scales: Four Life-Long Skills Taught, Assessed, and Reported in WtS

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