#4 Mind Map: Food industry in Vermont

Mary Nagy-Benson

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  • Wow! You have a very associative mind, Mary. That’s cool, though I’m afraid I’m having trouble reading it all (not your fault – I just can’t seem to expand it so that it’s legible for my old eyes). Are the things circled in yellow potential topics – ie. organic farms, dairy, education, grow your own, and slaughterhouses?
    Do you have a particular thread that most interests you?
    For me, the most interesting topics are connected to stories of individuals. Which of these ideas do you suspect would yield engaging subjects to help tell your story? Which ones would have great visuals? Those sorts of things can help sort which story ideas can become compelling films.

  • Mary Nagy-Benson
    4 days ago

    Food industry in Vermont is a very big topic, possibly not one I could do for a video. What is circled in yellow are the branches I see come out of this umbrella topic. Some of the ones circled for example organic farms or education are possibly topics I would like to pursue. Grow your own just isn’t in my mind a big enough topic.

    I have always been fascinated by organic farms (and farmers) and this summer my family and I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where you pay an upfront cost and get vegetables from the farm every week. It is still the highlight of my week!

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