The WTS Lab: Free PD

The WtS Lab:

Free Professional Development

This school year our team is offering The WtS Lab,  a free pd session offered for anyone who’d like a two-hour primer on WtS. These identical, two-hour sessions (no need to come to all), will be held on: Saturdays December 9, March 3, and May 5  from 2:00 – 4:00 at the Eco-Lodge at the Common Ground Center.

Our guests will:  

  • Observe our learners and WtS team in action;
  • Lean in and engage with our learners and our team;
  • Leave with access to our WtS resources, with suggestions for how to apply / adapt our principles and practices in ways that make sense for your particular setting / learners.

Availability is limited. Contact Bill Rich ( , if you’d like to attend, or have a colleague attend, one of these three sessions.

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