1.0 Self Reflection

After having extensive conversations with my peers this weekend, I think my group and I are in a strong position regarding Self-Direction.

Presenting my findings and conversing about my ideas and questions has been easy because everyone is so open-minded and great at listening. It fuels my fire to hear from people who also care about the removal of Confederate flags from public schools and hear about their personal experiences that will contribute to reaching our goal on top of the research I’ve been conducting. Although this issue is very complicated, I think our purpose and audience is clear and we have both broader and more specific goals for the project.

I’m thriving in the blended environment that we’ve been working in. The space it gives me to explore has been extremely helpful in allowing me to research what I think is the next step, instead of what a class requirement may be. The accessibility of the mentors online as well as having Mr. Archambault at school has helped me feel supported and less worried about making a mistake.


Sophia Venturo

One Response to “1.0 Self Reflection

  • Ceci Lewis
    5 years ago

    I am so happy to read your reflection and to see that you and your group have a clear idea about what you want to do with this topic. It is a contentious topic; there is no doubt about it. However, it appears that by limiting the idea to the Confederate Flag displayed in public schools, you all have a focused purpose. Will you sponsor discussions in the schools so that people can understand why you all would like these flags banned from public schools, and so that those who have them will be able to tell you why they are important to them? I realize that you will interviewing individuals one-on-one, but will there be a more public forum? I can see pros and cons in hosting this type of “discussion.” What do you think?

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