#1 I Don´t Know How to Phrase Things

I am the one who has ideas but doesn´t know how to express them.

I am here because I want to work with others to get my ideas out, and help others build and develop theirs.

I am the one who wonders about the butterfly effect in human life. (How what we do and the people we meet effects our lives and theirs, and how we act.)

Mariana Considine

2 Responses to “#1 I Don´t Know How to Phrase Things

  • Mariana,

    With this course it’s important to remember that expressing ideas is only part of the process. The fact that you have them is what is important!

    As for the Butterfly Effect, it’s hard to gauge the impact of our actions in the moment, but I do know that being involved in WTS will have positive impacts for both students and many others that you will will interact with.



  • Hi Mariana!

    I relate to so much of this, especially with having a lot of good ideas but not knowing how to express them. Sometimes they just pass me by. I’m hoping WTS and making a documentary will help with this, I hope that you grow this skill this year too!

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