1. About myself, Kiara Biggs

I am the one who is consistently looking for something new to indulge myself in. I love surrounding myself with people whose ideas parallel mine, but at the same time bring something new and different to the table. I am the one who always on the move, searching for traveling opportunities whenever I can get them. I am here because of my interest in changing social climates. I have spent the past few years of my life learning more about social issues including gender, sexuality, race, etc. My race has always played the most vital role of identity, and growing up in an area that lacks diversity is a bit difficult to promote awareness. I wonder how in the next few years change will come upon the youth and if we will be the generation to advocate for all.


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  • Hi Kiara,

    I loved reading your first blog post, Kiara. I can relate to your passion for traveling and surrounding yourself with different perspectives. You raise an important point about the challenges of promoting awareness (and appreciation!) of diversity in environments that are largely homogenous. I love your idea of being “the generation to advocate for all.” An ambitious and inspiring notion! I look forward to seeing where your interest in changing social climates leads your work in WtS this year.

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  • Hi Kiara!

    I feel like I know you a little now. I’m hoping that our generation’s nickname becomes the Advocacy Generation, because we certainly need it to be. Great post! Looking forward to hearing more.

  • I think it’s really cool that our upcoming generation is so passionate about social issues like these. I think we can definitely be the generation to advocate for everyone!

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