#1 Brief Thoughts on the Power of a Story

I am one who wonders what it is I, and we, as an individuals can do and say to create change. When I open a news paper or even interact to those around me, levels of confusion, upset and even hatred are clear. Seeing such so many challenges,  it can often feel easy to feel small, to feel as though there is nothing individuals can do. Yet, I see great power in story telling. Stories can do something that statistics and dry speeches struggle to: evoke empathy. Stories can present issues real and tangible. Stories can turn a “them” mentality in to an “us” mentality.

I’ve always loved listening to those around me tell their stories. I have fond memories of listening to anecdotes about my parent’s childhood on long car rides. I could experience a brief look in to their lives while still living my own. I am looking forward to working with others, hearing their stories and and collaborating to tell one.


Aidan Lodge

One Response to “#1 Brief Thoughts on the Power of a Story

  • Aiden,

    It always warms my heart to hear someone of your age refer to newspapers (where I spent 33 years of my life as a journalist.)

    The power of story is two-fold, for the teller and the listener.

    I look forward to working with you.


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