#1: I Love Movies

I’m here because of Eva Rochelau. Also because I want to be. But mostly because of her.


I know Eva has been involved with WTS for the past few years. I’ve seen Breaking Binary and Trans-What?  Those were the films she made through the program. Both of them were awesome. I became friends with her last year at CVU and she encouraged me to take the leap. (I know you’re reading this, Eva, so thanks. I had to do a quick shout-out.)


But I’m also here because I want to be. I love movies. I’m sure most of you do, too. If you’re curious, one of my favorite movies is School of Rock. It came out in 2003 with Jack Black. If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s hilarious. There’s even a Broadway musical based off of it. I know that’s not a documentary, though. My favorite documentary is Most Likely to Succeed. It was directed by Greg Whiteley and adapted from a book of the same name, by Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith. The documentary talks about how the American public education system has many laws leftover from the 19th century. Rules that we still use today. It talks about how Harvard students aren’t prepared for failure when they’ve experienced success all their lives. I don’t want to be that person. I don’t like failure, but I still embrace it. Nobody wants to get the wrong answer. But wrong answers help you learn. I don’t know how to make a documentary film. I don’t even know the first thing about film making. But that’s good. It means I’m going to grow.


I freaking love movies though. If you ever want to talk about/analyze good movies, I’ll be there.


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Lindsey Drew

4 Responses to “#1: I Love Movies

  • Nate Archambault
    5 years ago

    Hi Lindsey,

    I’m also a Jack Black fan, but mostly for his early Tenacious D work. I am very interested in seeing Most Likely To Succeed based on your recommendation. You approach to trying new things in the face of adversity is admirable.

    I’m glad that Eva had such a positive influence on your involvement with WTS. I’m glad you’re here.



    • Hi Nate,

      I neglected to mention I’m also a big fan of his work in the 2000 movie High Fidelity. I guess he has to be in the same movie has Joan Cusack.

      Most Likely to Succeed is a stellar movie and book. I recommend it to anyone who cares about education and/or the wellbeing of future generations.

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Understanding that wrong answers help us learn is certainly an important thing to understand – and something I also have to work on!

    • Hi Mariana,

      I’m glad we have this in common. I agree. I enjoying figuring out what makes people tick, as well as dissecting larger concepts like this one.


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