#1 Katherine Actually Writes

I am the one who spends too much time thinking about what to write here. I am a perfectionist, and lately I have found this quality frustrating, to say the least. I have tried to write essays, but spent hours on the first few sentences because I needed them to be just right. So, I am the one who is excited to write blogs posts because it means more writing and less thinking about writing. Perfectionism prevents me from doing, and I am here because I want to do something; I want to try my best to make real change. I am here because sometimes I feel like I am living in a perfect bubble, and sometimes I like that bubble because it is easy and comfortable. But there are issues in Vermont that my little bubble likes to ignore because they are a little more difficult and a little less comfortable, and I am here to pop that bubble and face the issues that matter. And I am the one who wonders why I ever spent so long on that essay, because writing this really hasn’t been all that bad.


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  • I really appreciate that you are here to burst your bubble. At least it seems to be the metaphor your were headed for. I would agree that we all spend time floating about, hoping not to bump into anything too sharp, but today, perhaps, that changes.

    You are the second student I noticed who included a selfie with a dog (perhaps there are many, we should count). Pet owners care more, perhaps?

  • I noticed that we have super similar experiences with perfectionism. Circumstances have forced me to take steps in the “doing” direction that have undone a lot of the more restrictive elements of my perfectionism and from what you express here I think you’ve set yourself up to be really successful with overcoming them as well.
    I wonder what parts of your process will be most effective in popping your bubble.

  • Hi Katherine! I found it really cool how you acknowledged a flaw and view this program as a way to help you overcome said flaw, and improve your writing. I love how ready you are to face the issues that you care about in Vermont. It’s awesome how you’re pushing yourself to make change, within your community and yourself. I really am excited for these upcoming weeks and being able to work with you.
    Sincerely, Evan

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