#1: Peace and Writing in a High-Ceilinged Room

This morning was a time of peaceful self-contemplation for me and a group of my peers who are lucky enough to be taking part in What’s the Story 2016. No groups or topics have been chosen yet and we could simply be together and acquaint ourselves with the ideas behind this program.  We are united as a team, but each person brings something to the group, and we will soon  find out what. I will not speak for any of the others yet because I do not know many of them yet or why they came, and in any case that is not the purpose of this blog. I know why I am here. I am here to make a difference. In my life, and in others’. I am here to gain knowledge and skill in many areas, including writing, and film (particularly in the area of computers, as that is an field in which I lack experience and that is one of the many things that the experts here have to offer).

I am one who acts. Not the only one.

Musical theater is part of who I am.

Musical theater is part of who I am.

I am one who thinks about thinking as I think.

I am one who is greatly influenced by surroundings, which were beautiful this morning.

The view from the window

The view from the window.


I am one who wonders everyday how to live life.

If I am writing this blog the right way.

If  am grateful enough for what I have. Certainly not.

If I am selfish, or have too big of an ego. Most definitely.

And how to get around these things.

And what is love? I have no idea.

And who am I? I hope I will find out.

Theo Wells-Spackman

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