#1 The Beginning

My name is Neva Williams and I am so excited for this year!  I’m in 8th grade at Shelburne Community School, where the work seems repetitive and purposeless sometimes.   I am looking forward to meeting and working with new people and discovering new things.  I’ve only been here for a few hours and I’m already amazed at how wonderful and open-ended this project is.  It is quite refreshing in comparison to my conventional school classroom.  I can’t wait to get in to my project and start learning.  I’m always really busy with lots of things, but What’s the Story is very different from everything else.  I’m here because I want to get involved and I want to make change in the community.  I want to learn things that I wouldn’t be able to discover at school and make a difference.  I wonder what I’ll end up learning about this year.  I have lots of ideas but I don’t know which I want to focus on yet.  I’m the one who wants to know what are the biggest problems now and what can be done about them.  I’m the one who is awful at making decisions but gets to work once the ball is rollings.  I’m curious on how my project will unfold and I can’t wait to get started!


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  • Hi Neva,

    It’s always exciting at the beginning of our WTS year. You’re not alone in having many ideas and not quite knowing which direction to take. It’s often a process, but a rewarding one for sure. Part of the fun of WTS is seeing how ideas come together and develop over time. I’m sure we’ll have a great year.



    • Hi Nate,

      This is very late, but thank you for the comment. Even though I have my topic, I don’t know the exact direction I’m going. I’m excited to see where it will go!


  • Hi Neva!

    My name is Rachael and as you might already know, I’m your WTS writing partner! This is a great piece to start off the year. I appreciate how you pointed out that this course seems refreshing compared to regular school days where the work can be repetitive and pointless, I think that’s part of what draws people into this class.
    Also, we are definitely on the same page in regards to choosing one single issue to focus on. Part of what makes this class so great is how open ended the project is, but that also presents some challenges for those of us who don’t know exactly what we want to do. If you ever feel like you’re stuck between a few different issues and need some advice, I’d be happy to help as much as I can!
    I’m glad you’re as excited as I am to start this class and make some real change. I think this will be a great year, and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

    Your writing partner,

    • Neva Williams
      5 years ago

      Hey Rachael!

      I’m glad we’re in the same boat about how refreshing this course is. Thank you for being willing to be helpful. What grade are you in? I’m in 8th and I can tell by the way you write that you’re much more experienced than I am.


      • Hi Neva!

        I’m a senior this year and thank you, I appreciate it! You’re a great writer too, in fact I was telling my friend who’s also in this course about some of your work the other day and they were really impressed. I think it’s great that there is such a wide age range in WTS because everyone is so talented.

        – Rachael

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