#1…The Reason I, Olympia, Decided to join What’s the Story.

I am here because my guidance counselor brought the course to my attention, and I thought it sounded interesting. Social Justice has always been important to me and when I read the course description I thought it was right up my alley; I love writing and the opportunity to help improve the community around me through writing sounded like a blast. I filled out the application and sent it away. Inequality runs rampant throughout the United States and Vermont is no exception so any chance to help the ostracized minorities in the state is important for me to take. I am unbelievably excited to begin work on whatever issue I end up choosing.

Olympia Kulp

3 Responses to “#1…The Reason I, Olympia, Decided to join What’s the Story.

  • First of all, congrats on winning Well Dressed; now that is a title I hope to receive myself someday!

    But more importantly, thanks for caring enough to be part of this group. With the passion I hear in your words I truly believe you will make a difference. Can’t wait to hear more of your direction and ideas!

  • Hi Olympia,

    It looks to you, Riley, and I will be in a group together. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, I think this course is going to be really great. I agree that there are a lot of social issues in our society that need addressing, and the opportunity to investigate and maybe cause some change is pretty exciting.

    Lucy Groves

  • Hi, Olympia!
    I am excited to be here as well, I am looking forward to becoming more cognizant of the issues in our state as well. Like you, I love writing and I hope you can find a way to make a change in this course!

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