#1 welcome to my blog, ladies and gentlemen

I am the one who writes for myself and for others. I am the one who worries that I will never be happy doing just one thing with my life, and I wonder if one lifetime is enough time. I am the one who hates writing about myself but somehow ends up doing it all the time. I am here because I know that by being around other passionate, motivated young people I can better myself. I am here to make memories, the kind that makes your lips curl into a smile at the thought of them. I wonder where the world will be by the time I am old enough to find my place in it.  I am here to find a passion and something to submerge myself into completely. I want to be concerned about something purely because I am interested in it. I am the one who wonders about how people in the world can be so closed minded. I am the one who wonders how 8 billion people on the same planet in a world of technology can still be so disconnected and so distant.

Shannon MacDonald

5 Responses to “#1 welcome to my blog, ladies and gentlemen

  • Avery Murray-Gurney
    5 years ago

    Hi, Shannon! Your final sentence is really interesting to me. I wonder how that idea will impact your project. I’m excited to hear about the topics you’re looking into.

    • Hi Avery!
      You are right! I should totally take that idea of technology vs disconnection and run with it. Thank you for helping me recognize an idea that I hadn’teven realized I had!


  • Dear Shannon,
    Your blog post if beautiful! Your writing is simple and has an elegant style which is very fun to read. Your points throughout come through very well. I really can’t wait to read more!
    The questions you brought up in your writing are thought provoking. You connected all of your ideas and themes well, and it was overall a passionate and inspiring blog post to read.

    Great job and lovely writing!
    Aidan P.

    • Dear Aiden,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! Writing is a passion of mine and I’m glad it shows. I hope I will keep inspiring. Thank you so much!!


  • Shannon,
    I love this piece because, I think, it reveals a lot about you and your intentions. What echoed for me was your comment about finding something that really interests YOU. I think there are a lot of situations in life where we dive into things, or dive into topics, only to discover (or maybe not) that in the last analysis we weren’t as interested as we thought.

    And idea in these first few blogs and weeks is for you to spend a lot of time on ideas, just keep jotting them down, talking about them and then just thinking about them. Bounce them off others. Where is the fresh point? Where is the notion that really excites YOU?

    I agree with Avery that your last line is intriguing. And, as you may know, it is a concept that I grapple with a lot on YWP: How do we make the technology bring us closer rather than further away from each other.

    Seems strange, I might add, to be talking to you here when just a few hours ago, we were conversing on ywp.

    I look forward to what you develop. Let me know if I can help. (post some ideas on ywp?)

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