#1 What I’m Hoping to Learn

I am here because, I am hoping to learn skills that you can’t learn sitting down in a classroom at school. I am hoping to learn how to improve how I think about presentation, writing, and being more persuasive and clear while trying to express my thoughts. I am hoping to learn, while having an impact on the environment, community, and people who I talk to everyday. I’m excited (although a bit apprehensive) to go out of my comfort zone, so I can build skills that will help me later on. I’m hoping to learn communication and teamwork skills, and hoping to meet new people. I am hoping to learn about the issues which people face everyday. But most importantly I’m hoping to learn how to make change, how to leave a positive mark on these issues, and use all of these skills throughout the rest of my life.

Evan McMahan

2 Responses to “#1 What I’m Hoping to Learn

  • I noticed that your focus is really comprehensive; I think it’s super cool that you’re considering all the different ways you can bring your work outside of your head and into the world around you! I’m really excited to see how this way of thinking shapes your eventual project.
    I wonder how you could direct all of the different ways you want to learn from this experience into a unified process.

  • Hi Evan! I am so excited to get to know you this year through What’s the Story! I love that you are here to learn, as well as make a positive impact on our community. I noticed that you are interested in learning outside the classroom, and I think it is great that we are already doing just that! We are posting, teaching, learning from each other, and having conversations all throughout the state (and the country! – I am currently in Illinois). I wonder what other ways we will expand our learning beyond a classroom setting. I also noticed how adventurous you are; you are ready to go outside your comfort zone because you know it will benefit yourself and others in the future. I think this is a great quality, and I am excited to see where it will take you this year.

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