#1 Where I am and Where I Want To Go

My name is Lena Ashooh, I was born and raised in Shelburne, Vermont, and have found myself falling unconditionally in love with the gorgeous farm scenery that we pass when driving across the state. Growing up in one of the wealthiest towns in our area, you would assume that the social issues that many carry the burden off in their daily lives haven’t reached my community, but I have seen my neighbors struggle with opiate addiction, income disparity, poverty, environmental degradation, global warming, and racism. I am excited to begin engaging in strategies to solving some of these pressing issues, and can’t wait to see what change we can make with the support of WtS. 

Working alongside peers of all experience levels will set up the basic keys to successful change. Earlier, I mentioned downhill skiing as being a skill that I have practiced, revised, and repeated so much, that it has become something that is almost second nature. Throughout the What’s the Story cohort, I would like be be able to use these steps to improve on my writing, and get more involved with the community.

Mr. Rich earlier spoke to a problem that I think is exemplary in Shelburne. I’ve noticed that in the Shelburne Community School, many classmates are defined by their parent’s opinions, and interests, even if it means they have to commit to something they don’t necessarily agree with. The What’s the Story program, offers an new type of education that I can picture having some of the most positive change on Vermont, but also on us as individual learners. Passion seems to develop most when you really care about a subject, or issue, which, as previous WtS members have explained, is one of the most important fundaments for creating change.

I cannot wait to begin working under the guidance of such incredible mentors, and alongside such involved, and dedicated students!

Hintsa, Mark Brown Swiss Cow Calf. 2013. Photograph. flikr. Vermont

Lena Ashooh

4 Responses to “#1 Where I am and Where I Want To Go

  • Ella Nagy-Benson
    7 years ago

    Hi Lena! My name is Ella Nagy-Benson and I am so excited to read your blogs and get to know you better! I love how you can already define some issues within your community. That is the first step to creating change! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you through this process. You are off to a great start, and I am positive that you will have a great year!


    • Hi Ella!

      So sorry about not contacting you earlier. Thank you so much for the response, I can’t wait to begin working with you!


  • Bob Uhl
    7 years ago

    Hello, Lena. I’m Bob Uhl, a teacher at Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington, and I’ll be another of your blog readers. I second Ella’s remark: your awareness of the issues you mentioned is a good entry point for this course. I noticed that quite a few folks brought up the opiate crisis as a topic of concern; my feeling is a group will likely coalesce around it. Regardless, each of the problems stated in your entry is worthy of further investigation. I like that you bust the notion that, because a community is wealthy, it doesn’t deal with significant social issues. I look forward to working with you this year!

    • Hi Mr. Uhl,

      Sorry about not contacting you earlier. I really appreciate your response! I’ve actually steered away from the opiate crisis, and am leaning towards researching Animals Rights on farms, but definitely understand the concern surrounding the opioid problem.

      I can’t wait to begin working under your guidance!

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