#1 Who I Am

I am the one who wants to have the ability to effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas to other people so I will be able to have a powerful voice. I am the one who wants to have my own opinions rather than just listening to how the media portrays a story as sometimes one-sided and biased.

I am here because I want to improve my “deep thinking” and become more aware about current social issues and know what’s happening around the world. I want my writing and my ideas to impact the community rather than just sitting in a class learning about the world I live in instead of actually interacting with people in it. I also want to learn more digital skills to strengthen my ability to use technology because it has always been something that is difficult for me.

I am the one who wonders, “how can I change the world today?” every morning I wake up.


One Response to “#1 Who I Am

  • Lizzie,

    I look forward to working with you in this exploration at WTS. And all that you wrote here, I know to be true. You are someone who has remarkable curiosity, intellect and capacity. You will do well in this project.


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