#10: A Week For Thought

This week I did a lot of thinking, more than I did research. It was the kind of the thinking almost like daydreaming, the whole world blurs out of site, and your only focused on your thoughts. I thought about the word different. Its taught from a young age, whether we realize it or not, and not because our teachers say, “Today’s lesson is on being different,” but because of the world around us. You have seen it on the TV, or somebody you know was talking about “different”. Now I don’t mean different, like your hair color, but race, and sexuality, and all the things in line with that. I did do some research on difference ands where that comes from. Mostly what I found was cases of peer pressure and social norms, which makes sense, but really when your 7 years old, how bad is the peer pressure and do social norms exist? Of course not many of us remember in detail what 1st or 2nd grade was like with the view of a 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 year old brain, but was difference really distinguished in our everyday lives. Were we being pressured? Was is what our parents told us to wear, or what our friends said was okay and not okay to do? Was that what really caused so many people to see others as different and not always in a good way? I am still trying to find that answer, though I realize I may not find sometime soon, but that’s okay, because no matter what, at least Ill have a sense of why people may be using binary so much, and why so many people in this world are seen as “different”.

Grace Darrow

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  • Courtney Krahn
    6 years ago

    Grace, Thanks for sharing some tracks of your thinking. You are an important member of our group, and you’re doing a great job of communicating. Do you think it’s possible that you might have a rough draft of a short video to share at the next overnight retreat?

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