#10 A Busy Week But Contact Has Been Made

I feel as though I personally have not been able to make a lot of progress this week simply because I have been very busy, although I have formulated a list of people I am going to contact. I believe my leadership skills and creative ideas will benefit the group. I am beginning to understand more about the language around my topic and other’s opinions on Mental Health care. This week I will reach out to the list of people I said I will contact and let them know about our project and that we may seek an interview with them later in the year to plant that seed. I am also going to try and help the group more by staying more in touch with everyone and not letting our project become a second priority. I think that maybe starting a group email will be beneficial for our group and this could be something we discuss on our next conference call. I am excited to make more progress with our project and I can’t wait to see everyone on the December retreat.


Cover Image, “Busy City” by Julie


Grace Widelitz

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