#10 How to talk about WTS

What’s the story? is a Vermont youth social action team that works on many projects that are looking to promote social justice within our communities. As a whole, we are creating documentaries as the medium that will present the ideas and problems that we are willing to find a solution to.

We, as students, are working in small groups that must communicate effectively to be successful, which focuses much of the project on learning how to be a good teammate and using our strengths through trying to benefit the rest of the group. As well as communication, organization and work ethic are critical in the instance that the group is working toward accomplishing a common goal. Being organized in thoughts, resources, materials, and ideas allows for equity and understanding for all members of the group. Work ethic is crucial because each of us will have a certain amount of work that we must complete on our own since the groups are compiled of students from all over Vermont.

Katelyn Brown

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