#10 Talking to hospitals and pharmacies about this issue

10 questions for interviewees at local hospitals and pharmacies.

  1.  Do you see stigma around people with mental health problems?
  2. What can we do to stop this problem?
  3. Once we recognize the stigma around this do you think more or less people will be coming in with problems?
  4. How did this problem ever start? (stigma around mental health)
  5. Are there many ways to treat mental health patients?
  6. Do you think that medicine is more efficient than a rehab center?
  7. How do you think people perceive others with mental health disorders?
  8.  Do you get many patients that want to be helped?
  9. How can we make others aware of the stigma around mental health?
  10. How do you see that people react when your patients say they have a mental health disorder?

Stigma Picture

Sidney Carr

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