#10 The Gateway To New Thoughts

What do I think the docudrama should be most focused on and how should we start to bring in an emotional stance on the issue?
This question kept ruminating in and out of my thoughts this week. I just didn’t know what to start with. For one thing, the beginning could make or break our documentary and this topic has some personal meaning to it, for me. From my stance I think we should mostly stay on the topic of finding ways to get help to people while encouraging them to speak up. We also should start to show behavior expectable towards others dealing with mental health issues. So branching off, I set out last night to write the outline of our docudrama. The following after this is the outline I’ve started to write.img_0445


A shocking/hooking scene of what it’s (for the most part) like to be going through a mental health disorder. [We’ll base the beginning scene off what we’ve gotten in interviews] While having statistics of different challenges they face within social places or any other instances

-Gateway Into Interviewimg_0441
Have clips from the inside of a car window while driving to add an aesthetic. We’ll start to play music and have intros to what mental health is, the different kinds and how some can be triggered



We’ll ask them the question and show the person at first, but as they start describing their answer the screen will change to a scene of the actors acting what the person still describing the story with their voiceimg_0442


Contacting my connections [Meaning the people that we might interview, ask to play music as a background or actors] was and still is a challenge for me. It’s not that I’m shy, it’s that I don’t seem to have the time to go during my school breaks or off hours due not my lack of planning and just agreeing to help others. In future events I’ll clearly state I’m working on my project, but thinking further I don’t think that’ll work either. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I was going to contact our school tec. worker Mr. Gaian, but he’s hard to locate at times, but then I have my friend who’s currently dealing with mental health issues along with parts of their family and I don’t think they’ll be so open. I have though, came up with a solution of interviewing them with just audio and keeping it anonymous when creating the documentary.


I know I’ve faced a lot of challenges and this post might seem like a let down, but I did do something at least a little bit, if anything productive. And what I mean by productive is designing a flyer to hang up around my group members and my own school to then attract the attention of our fellow actors to indulge themselves into our documentary. This next piece is what the ruff draft came out as.

Casting Call For Docudrama

We are searching for actors to volunteer their time to participate in a documentary

This short documentary, brought together by the program What’s The Story, will cast a new light on mental health. This documentary will bring forth people’s stories, demolish stigmas, and show ways to help someone or yourself govern a mental health related illness. We will also exploit behavior that is harmful to the mental health community and teach proper language around this subject. Make sure to look up the What’s The Story Vt page.

We don’t have exact details of what we are going to do or where, but if you have prior knowledge of film writing, we’d appreciate if you’d help us for the time being.

If Interested Please Contact The Following


I was going to add the website link, but it’s going to be on paper and like who’s gonna write that down img_0427


My group was going to do a meetup on Sunday. I’ve yet to get some feedback, though I did get some from one member explaining why she couldn’t go (And I thank you). Which is sort of a let down (that only one member responded so far) once you think about it, but yet again ThanksGiving is coming up and I know a lot of people already that visiting family so they’re probably busy as well.

Rex Ross

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  • Rex:
    You’ve done a lot of thinking this week, and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog. Please make sure to include me on any and all correspondences. for example, you mentioned something about a meeting this week, but I wasn’t aware of that at all. Given how we are in disparate locations geographically, it might be tough to get together, especially when everyone doesn’t drive. We can firm out these details at our December retreat.

    We will work out strategies for how to contact people when we get together. And at that time, we’ll figure out how to make these interviews work within your busy schedule. I’m glad you’re already thinking about this, though. The teacher you mentioned is a very good place to start given that you can meet with them before, during or right after school.

    Please email me (bkrahn@acsu.org) or call/text (330-962-0766) with any questions or concerns.

    For the next 2 weeks, please try to come up with a list of 5 or more specific people to interview and we can work on the details of these interviews at our December retreat.

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