#11 December Retreat: My work progress

I have learned a lot this weekend.  I learned all about how to take footage of an interview and keep it looking natural and not awkward.  We got to use the equipment and really figured out the basics of the camera and tripod.  I came here nervous about what this weekend would bring and what I would have to do in front of everyone. Even though we did have a couple face to face interviews and such, I did not mind it and seemed to learn more and more about the program.  I thought this weekend was going to be contacting the interviewees but it turned out that we worked a lot on the way the film would be filmed and how it is going to look.  I never fully realized how important it is to get a shot where the subject is looking a certain way and in the perfect lighting.  Until the next time we meet I plan to contact at least 2 people and try to schedule an interview.  My intent is to get a therapists point of view and maybe a pharmacists.  I really enjoyed coming up here this weekend because I got perspectives of where everyone else is at and how their projects are making progress.  It showed me that even though I thought that I had not gotten very far on this project I am not far behind and am where I should be at this point of time.  I think that I can get to a point where I am comfortable using this equipment and interviewing people about this problem.  I know that I will need to practice interviewing people first, i.e my siblings and parents, but I will have fun practicing and using the camera.  My goal is that next time I will have interviewed the people I am thinking of and hopefully a few more, and keep up with checking in with my group and with Ben.  Last month my group had set up a skype call once a week and had planned on google hangout chats, but we were all mostly busy and did not keep in contact regularly.  This time we decided to keep a google document and write weekly about what we got accomplished and if we have any questions.  We will also be emailing Ben about our progress so he knows whats going on and can help us if we are stuck.  We decided that I will be the one to take home the media kit so that if Rex needs it we can make that happen easier and Grace and Maisie have extra kits at their school.  That way everyone will almost always have access to a camera and be able to interview whenever it’s necessary and relevant.  Overall, I think this weekend was a success and I’m looking forward to finding out what everyone will be up to and hear all about the interviews.

Sidney Carr

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