#6: What’s the Endgame for Mental Health Care in VT?

Maisie Newbury

2 Responses to “#6: What’s the Endgame for Mental Health Care in VT?

  • Wow, Maisie. This mapping reveals how expansive your reflection on this topic is. Which of these areas do you think have the most potential for communities to engage with, and in which do you think you might have the most potential to effect change through this project? I’m having trouble reading your entire map, but does that statistic at the bottom center say that suicide is the 3rd most common cause of death in America? Is that for a particular segment of society? That’s a surprising figure, and one that should generate a sense of urgency regardless of whether it applies to America as a whole or to a certain population within America. I hope you can find a way to use that figure to help propel action.

    • Yes, there is a bit cropped off at the bottom of the map I believe it is supposed to say “for those with mental illnesses.” The third most common cause of death among all Americans, I believe, is by stroke. As for engaging with those in the community, I’m still not sure I’m hoping that I can gain insights through further research.

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