#7: My drafted pitch

1. Why is this topic/issue important?

    • YOU ARE NOT BORN WITH BIAS, YOU ARE TAUGHT IT!We cannot control what children learn within their family circles but we can influence the life lessons they learn in school. School is an institution and can therefore have rules that apply to the entirety of said institution.

2. What’s the story with this topic / issue?

    • People who believe these children are too young for this conversation could prove to be hard to deal with.
    • Same with school officials and the community.

3. What are you seeking?

    • Community support
    • Community awareness
    • School support
    • Child education
    • Teacher education


Nathan DeGroot

2 Responses to “#7: My drafted pitch

  • Courtney Krahn
    6 years ago

    Hi Nathan,

    This is great. I’ve requested access to see your slides, which I’d love to peruse before the overnight (can I be granted permission for a sneak-preview?)

    You’ve stayed true to your topic throughout this blogging process. I’m wondering which other students’ blogs you see your own topic possibly dove-tailing with? I have found a couple as I’ve poked around our collective blog space.

    I challenge you to continue thinking about the logistics of your topic and ways to possibly narrow down your thinking in terms of exactly what types of biases you want to address and what tangible skills or knowledge you would like to pass on to teachers, students and the community.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon, Nathan!
    All the Best,

  • Nathan, I’ve also requested permission to see your slides – I’d enjoy the chance to give you some feedback on your presentation plans if you’d like.

    In your response to question #2 above, you’ve demonstrated a keen awareness of one of the potential obstacles to your proposal for teacher and student bias training. If you haven’t already, I would suggest undertaking a bit of research to learn more about the issues such people might have with the conversations that you think should be included in anti-bias educational programming. The more informed you are about opposition to your planned action, the better prepared you will be to develop counter-arguments or to define your proposal in a way that it can gain broader support.

    Best wishes for the upcoming retreat – I’ll be eager to hear how your presentation went!

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