#2: Current State of My Topic

I really don’t know what topic I should research.  I could use the topic I had came up previously which was GMO labeling, but now that I have seen all of the options that were on the Social Action Topics page, it seems that there are many topics that I should do. Other possible topics that look interesting are the decline of honey bees and invasive species.


Featured Image courtesy of Micky Aldridge

Zachariah Burrows

2 Responses to “#2: Current State of My Topic

  • Zachariah, I’m so glad that you are unsure and searching for a topic. I think in a traditional classroom that can feel uneasy and unsettling. However, here we know learning is messy and doesn’t go in a straight line. That’s part of the process. Keep thinking and asking others. Maybe blog post #3 will explore a couple of ideas if you’re still unsure.

    All the Best,

  • Thanks for helping me get started on finding a topic!

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