#2: “girls rule, boys drool”. Otherwise entitled “girly screams”.

I am not entirely sure what  topic I want to research, but I do have several ideas. First of all mental illness and suicide prevention facilities. I had already considered the idea of suicide prevention, but I heard the idea about mental illness today and, after thinking about it, decided it would be an interesting topic that I would be passionate about, particularly since people I love  have been affected negatively by lack of mental illness facilities. Another idea I have heard today that is frequently discussed in my house is the idea of gender inequality and stereotypes and gender binary. This is a topic that I have given much thought to, all the way back to a “girls rule, boys drool” t-shirt I saw in 3rd grade, and numerous pejorative references to something being “girly” or weak.

“That was a girly scream, dude.”

“Soccer is a girly sport.”

“Girls are, as a rule, smarter than boys.”

“Boys are slobs.”

“Boys. I mean OMG.”

“Girls. I mean OMG.”

And every time I hear this stuff, I think: “what the heck?”

And then I get annoyed at whoever said it.

Theo Wells-Spackman

3 Responses to “#2: “girls rule, boys drool”. Otherwise entitled “girly screams”.

  • Theo,
    You’re starting out with some great ideas, and it sounds like you have some prior knowledge backing you up here. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and seeing how your ideas evolve over the next few months.
    As you’re writing your posts, remember the endgame of all this; think about the change you can make with your work here. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

    • Thanks, Jacob. I am super excited to gather as much information as I can about this topic and start understanding it more fully.

      On that note, I have a question for you:
      have your decisions ever been affected by gender stereotypes?

  • Hi, Theo!
    You seem to have many motives for your claims you brought up. Seeing this makes it exciting to see your future success with these project topics. I too, am interested in taking a path along the lines of mental illness and since you have the motivation of the people you love, it seems this topic can really take off. Along the lines of gender and binaries you seem to have a lot of experience with this and that also can help you with making a final decision of a project topic. I can’t wait to read more about your WtS journey!

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