#3 Swirling Thoughts

After writing my last blog post, I questioned what topic really interested me and why. I figured out that part of the reason I was so inspired by the education topic I had interviewed my parents on was partly because of the whole BSD strike. When I dug a little deeper I found that it was “rock layered on rock”. What I mean is that there were so many pieces to this issue. I pushed myself further, asking “Well, if I were to study this topic, what part really interests me? What would I want to do with it?” I found that it could possibly be a topic that I want to dive deeper into but that there could also be other issues. After the fact I looked back at our brainstorm of topics from our WtS kickoff, so many amazing possibilities. For example I was also interested in the Lake Champlain Health and Climate Change issues. A completely different path but also very enticing. I have yet to find the answer to my main question. Which one?!

I tried to think of a way to take the position of an “expert” on the education topic. I found that I am an expert but in a different light, compared to a teacher. Both of us have a lot of knowledge and experience in the reins of education but of course. The teacher is coming from a teaching, leadership standpoint, whereas I am coming from a learner, student standpoint. In some ways I could argue that as a student and more of an observer or the teachers and can pick up and learn a lot more about the issues in being in that “role”. So, in conclusion i guess I am saying, yes, I could consider myself and “expert” but maybe not in a specific part of this issue.

If I were to add something to the larger conversation about this issue I could maybe add that it is a multilayered situation and that it is important to keep an open mind about different people’s opinions on the topic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is very important to listen and acknowledge that. Even just through writing this post my mind has cleared a little bit on the matter. I am excited to dig through my thoughts to find a topic that will entice me just as much on the last day of research as it did on the first.


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Lindsay Beer

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  • Morning Lindsay! So many ideas and thoughts about what direction to head. I think this world is infinitely interesting and I understand that it is hard to pick a topic. It seems a theme I hear in your comments is how to navigate complex issues with integrity through dialogue. You recognize that these are not black and white issues but full of nuance and as you say, “many layers”. Maybe do some research about how communities get through challenging complex issues. How do communities solve difficult problems (such as climate change, violence, or strikes, for example). This might help you focus on what aspect of the work you find most interesting. Good luck, keep writing and exploring your ideas, and keep me posted!

  • Lindsay
    4 years ago

    Hi Katy!
    I really appreciate your feedback. I will definitely focus on looking at the resolution before I maybe start looking at a problem. I will keep in touch!
    Thanks again!

  • Lindsay, I agree that you definitely offer a unique expert position on the school striking issue as a current student. I’d say that most media coverage on the topic focuses on the divide between the two sides who have a seat at the contract negotiation table: the teachers’ unions and the school boards. We hear a lot about why teachers believe they need better working conditions or better compensation, and we hear a lot about why the school boards don’t have the resources to accede to teacher demands. But we don’t tend to hear directly from the students whose educations are at stake, whose schooling is really at the center of the issue. As an advocate for change, your project could help spotlight the fact that students are indeed experts in this realm and should have more of a voice in the kinds of discussions, negotiations, and legislation that impact their learning.

    • Hello Dana!
      I agree with you completely. We hear a lot about educators opinions and thoughts but the students voices seem to be shielded at points. I am really curious on how the opinions relate or contrast those of the teachers!

  • Hi Lindsay!

    I loved reading this blog post! I think that it is super interesting how you might consider the strike as a student. I have never thought about this event in that sense. I really like see how you are constantly pushing yourself to consider what topics you might be an expert on, while also having a perspective that might vary from other stake holders.

    I can’t wait to see what else you discover!


    • Hi Lena!
      Thank you for your thoughts! I as well have not thought about this topic in the context I stated. I try my best to push myself to different levels. We learn a lot about open minds and this is a great opportunity to put it to work!
      Thanks again!

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