#2: “What’s the Story” Topic

Growing up in a state that relies on the dairy industry, and being a member of the dairy 4-H are both factors that have led to my wondering of the treatment of farm animals. I think that animal rights is a social concern that has immediate impact on members of my community, and is an issue that should be addressed. The animal rights situation in Vermont is a fairly sensitive topic that has the potential to be controversial, which I can see as having a positive impact on our community. Prompting a debate in the community leads to action, which is the first step towards change.

PC: Moyan Brenn, Countryside

Lena Ashooh

2 Responses to “#2: “What’s the Story” Topic

  • Hi Lena,
    Im Brennan and I am going to be reading your blog. I think that your topic definitely has the ability to have an interesting story . Cant wait to see what you do with it.

  • Hey Lena,
    sorry I commented on the wrong blog last time! Anyway, I think your could be really interesting. I am also interested in the dairy/farming issues, though I chose to do a different topic. I can’t wait to read more of your writing!

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