#1: All About me Kickoff- Nigel Wormser

My name is Nigel Wormser. I am an 8th grader at Shelburne Community School, and I am very exited to be here today and learn.

I am the one who enjoys playing and writing songs. I love coming home and messing around on the piano, and playing drums in my school band. I love to run cross country in the fall, ski and skate in the winter, and compete in track and field in the spring. In fact, I won 3rd in the state for long jump last year! I sail in the summer and I bike to school every day. I am all around very exited to be here.

I am here because I want to do more with my 8th grade year. Over the summer I met up with my cousins, and they are all doing amazing things with their lives, and it inspired me to try and do things this year as well. This year I will be doing this program, as well as try and be a legistrative page over the winter. I will try to act in this years play, as well as get after school math tutering to get credit in High School. I am very exited to try and make the most of this year.

I am the one who wonders what going to boarding school is like. I wonder what my future education will bring, and I wonder what my future life will bring. I have all these ideas for my future, but they are all a dream, and thinking about them as a reality is somehow scary. I am so glad that I was able to do this class, though I am very worried about what this might bring.

Nigel Wormser

4 Responses to “#1: All About me Kickoff- Nigel Wormser

  • Ella Nagy-Benson
    6 years ago

    Hi Nigel, my name is Ella Nagy-Benson and I will be reading your blogs this year. It looks like you are already very involved in your school and community, which is awesome! It is very cool that you are a nordic skier, I am too! This class is such an amazing opportunity, and I am very confident that you will get as much out of this class as you can. What is one thing you hope to learn through What’s the Story?

    • I definitely want to learn more about the refugee crisis in Vermont and in the US, but I also want to learn more about current events in Vermont. I don’t really follow vermont news that much, and I am excited to learn more about issues facing this state, such as drug use or politics, or anything really.

  • Hi, Nigel,
    I’m Theo Wells-Spackman, and I am one of you writing partners. First and foremost: good for you!!! It is an excellent idea to try new things and try to accomplish something important. I do have one question though: why did you choose What’s the Story over other programs?

    • To be honest, I didn’t really know that many programs in Vermont. I knew that I wanted to enrich my 8th grade year, and I looked at some other programs, but WTS seemed like the most sophisticated out of all of them, and it seemed like the best choice. There is one other program that I am trying to get into, its the Legislative Page program, but I am not optimistic about my chances of getting in.

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