Gears Are Grinding

Last week, I met with Emily and we devised a schedule from now until winter break, which begins on the 23rd. Last week, we planned to:

  • Research Act 77 (flexible pathways) and draft a letter to the A.O.E (Agency of Education) asking them a couple questions about what Act 77 means for schools around Vermont
  • Talk to Nexus teachers about taking a trip to Big Picture SB to check out their project exhibition and get some footage
  • Bring film kit to school so that we could find a place to conduct student interviews (setting, lighting, etc)

I have drafted my letter to the A.O.E, and Emily and I will look it over during our meeting on Wednesday so we can revise and send it. I’m a little stuck with it, though. I did a lot of research about Act 77, but i’m still stumped as to what I should ask, and what I want to know. I know that I want to find out how kids in the state of Vermont can gain control over their education, but i’m still having a tricky time crafting questions that will get me specific, helpful answers.

The field trip to Big Picture SB was approved! We’ll head there on December 16th and hopefully collect some footage. As for the film kit, it is here at school and Emily and I are planning out some draft interviews so we can test a couple locations.

This week, I am planning on scheduling all of my student interviews (which I’ve already started doing), getting that letter out to the A.O.E, and drafting letters to some principals (but first deciding if I want to interview them or just ask them some questions over the phone to gather information).

The gears are grinding!


Maddie Parker

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