#3 Digging Deeper

Recently I listened to a podcast from VPR and read two articles from Vermont Digger. The conflict that I am researching is bullying and bullying prevention. Some people that are involved are Bernice Garnett, Michael Dreiblatt, Connor Solimano, Armando Vilaseca, Lexie Federhen, Justin Lambert, and Leah Soule. Other organizations involved are Stand Up to Bullying and the Agency of Education’s Harassment, Hazing and Bullying Advisory Council. Opinions include “Not many bullies, especially at a young age, would actually consider themselves bullies.” and “Bullying is underestimated.” All of the articles I read agree with “Bullying is  underestimated.” Though,  there were different opinions on how effective school bullying awareness programs are. One side said “Bullying awareness programs not only reduce bullying…”but the other side was “School bullying prevention programs are not enough.” Currently, my most pressing questions are “What can the victims of bullying do to help other victims?” as well as “What can bystanders do to solve the problem of bullying?” and “How can we teach people to appreciate empathy?” I don’t know what the answers arre to these questions, but I want to know because the answers could help me combat bullying.

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Miles Ellis Novotny

3 Responses to “#3 Digging Deeper

  • Dianne Baroz
    5 years ago

    You’ve done a lot of research this past week on your topic of bullying. You started to delve more deeply into the issues that surround bullying and identified some key individuals that can help you understand the issues surrounding your topic—all of which are key to your investigation. You’ve done a great job highlighting some of your essential questions and continue to find out what bullying is like today. Another area you might want to research is ‘cyber-bullying’ that takes place using cell phones, computers, as well as on social media sites. Have the bullying awareness/prevention programs in Vermont expanded to include cyber-bullying as well? I look forward to reading your next post!

  • I agree that bullying is a very prominent problem in our society. I wonder what schools can do to increase awareness of bullying. I notice that you have several good sources on how bullying is underestimated. I agree with your questions and hope you are able to find some answers to them.

  • Zymora C Davinchi
    5 years ago

    I was wondering how do you personal define bullying, and what are the long term affects of bullying for perpetrators and victims? I’m asking these questions, because I believe that is your ticket to answering the ‘why’ and help others build empathy for the subject of bullying. Maybe share some personal experiences being the target or witnessing bullying — if you feel comfortable enough.

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