#4 Mapping, College.

I have been interested in exploring College. I mostly interested in college prices. The questions I have been asking myself are: Why is college expensive?, Why does our education cost?, Why isn’t there an easy path to get students to college?, Why does it have to be stressful?, all those questions have an answer but I still not convinced that it is fair to limit our education.  Is it fair to say only does that are “rich” are able to go to college?, Is it fair for us to judge homeless people on the street because of there money search? Is it really fair to have high school be “free” but have college be paid? fairness is something that is never fully accomplished but the thoughts and pain of unfairness can make the impossible be possible.

Stephie Siki
I am friendly. I like meeting new people. I enjoy public speaking. I like helping teenagers. My friends will describe me as an outgoing person.

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