#3: The Wage Gap and The World Around Us

Whenver I asked people what they though of the wage gap, many said that it was something that they heard about, but didn’t really know about. Although I could count as one of the people who doesn’t know much about it, it still seems like a topic that I could really see myself doing. In the beginning I was thinking of doing social equity, but now that I have had time to think about it and talk to other people, I want to help both myself and other people, learn about the wage gap. The wage gap is a huge problem in the U.S. and even around the world, but still, people seem to brush it aside. There are so many things I could do around this issue that it gives me the freedom to tweak my thinking and goal as I go, while still giving me a project I can become passionate about. Some of the questions I asked during my interviews were “What do you think of the wage gap?”, or “Do you think working on the wage gap would be a good project?”. A lot of responses didn’t surprise me, but they also made me wonder what C.E.O’s and company representatives would answer. Would they have the same answer? I think most businesses see the wage gap as important, but not something that they need to worry about. I think this is because a lot of business are afraid of what the public sees in them, and what they think about them getting rid of the wage gap inside there business. It would be interesting to actually ask corporations there view on the wage gap and if they think it should be changed. Many of the people I interviewed had no business experience that I was aware , but once again, a lot of corporations tend to push the wage gap aside. Of courses I can’t change the wage gap, but I can at least open a few people’s eyes to world we live in and inequality that surrounds us all in our everyday lives. Maybe with the help of my future group, we can change at least a few people’s perspectives on the importance of equality in the workplace and the world.

Grace Darrow

2 Responses to “#3: The Wage Gap and The World Around Us

  • Hi Grace, my name is Sidney and I am your writing partner. I don’t really know if I am doing this right but I guess we will find out right? Okay, so your wage gap idea sounds great! I myself do not know much about the topic and would be happy to learn more by reading your blog.

  • Grace,
    I’m excited that you’re looking into this topic. The wage gap is a large part of modern social equity, and one that affects a broad range of people. Thus, it’s a highly controversial topic at the moment. In spite of that, you’re absolutely correct in that not a lot of people know much about it, and many people have skewed views of what it is, what it means, and how it affects them. Many people believe that the wage gap is not real, and you could read just as many studies disproving it as you could proving it.
    I encourage you to ask your peers and friends what they think and know about it. If you have the opportunity, compare their answers to what some adults may think!
    I look forward to seeing how you engage with this topic!

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