The World We Live In

I was once asked a couple months ago if I could change one thing in the world what would it be? Being the comedic I am, I said I would wish for three more wishes. Of course I chose the things everyone wishes for, world peace, the solution to the water shortage, and equality. They are still very important issues in this world, but there are so many more. This world is full of great people and things, but on the flip side, we are stuck in a hole of never ending issues that we can never escape in today’s world. We still cease to accept everyone and everything, or grant people basic human rights, but what is being done? Although we riot and fight for many of these things, they have yet to be changed because of the way our world is run. Few people are granted the ultimate gift of power, over people, lands, and laws. They say that the laws we have here in America are for the people, and made by the people, but really they were made by the people with the gift of power, only in favor of there beliefs. Now, not all of these laws are bad, but they have still caused issues affecting us all. Maybe we could stop this, maybe we could fix it all and live in an ever lasting utopia, maybe we could all have unicorns and puppies, maybe we could have so much, change so much. But we are once again brought back to reality where we see that those are only maybes if we keep the ways that once helped us, but have now only led to our demise. I still wish for equality, and world peace, but I also wish for no more poverty, for the endangered animals of the world, and the people who live in the shadows because of the laws that have kept them there. I wish for a world were these laws do not hold us back, but help us, and were everybody has a say in the giving of the gift of power, the gift to change many things, good and bad.

Grace Darrow

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