#2: Breaking Binary 2.0

As of now, we still have so much momentum with our topic. As it’s my second year, I have a better understanding of where exactly the project is heading, but still of course have to work out the specifics. I would love to take it to schools and create curriculum to educate the educators on what they can do better in their learning space. The learning process may be a little different since I am continuing instead of basically starting from scratch with no idea of what I want to do. Today has made me aware that other people may be interested in the same topic, which I am excited about but hope they hold the same passion for this project as Eva and I do.

Fiona Nelson

One Response to “#2: Breaking Binary 2.0

  • Fiona,

    I’m excited to see what the coming year will hold for you and this project. To get on the radar of schools and potentially onto their agendas for faculty meetings or in-service time, the sooner the better. I noticed, too, that the Breaking Binary webpage should be revisited to clean it up a bit even before you create new content for it. There are pages with no content or “filler” content. Do you have the password to access that site? When you have material ready for school faculty, I’d be happy to contact the administrators in our district on your behalf to begin those conversations.

    Looking Forward to the New Year,

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