#2: A Whirlwind Of Topics

The current state of my topic is a jumble of ideas. From the wage gap, social equity in schools, to cross communication between students in Vermont. By looking at topics that were created last year I have gotten a few more ideas, making the choice of my topic both easier and harder.  Although today has changed my view of certain topics, it has also lead me towards others. Many of the topics I looked at today gave me a better sense of the type of topic i want to choose, but also I think they have showed the many topics that I could do, either this year, or if I do WTS next year.

Grace Darrow

One Response to “#2: A Whirlwind Of Topics

  • Grace,
    I look forward to reading your blog’s progress over the next few months. It sounds like you have some great ideas about things you’d like to investigate. I can’t stress enough the importance of going with your gut on this; the more interested and passionate you are about your subject, the easier and more fun it’ll be in the end.
    Since I went through all of this stuff last year, I’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.
    Happy blogging!

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