#4.5 New Connections

So, i’ve been juggling around some new topics over the last couple of days, and I realized that drug addiction and the science behind it, while exciting and interesting, does not grab me as much as another issue does.

The one i’ve chosen to pursue is education reform. Last year, I did a large, semester long project focusing on ed reform and learned a ton about it. I worked with four others to create an entirely new school system, where we all picked either elementary, middle, high school, or college to completely re-design. I chose to re-design high school, and although it was an extremely difficult task, I managed to come up with an idea that I was proud of and able to talk about with passion and excitement. I am very excited about ed reform and decided that by focusing on this issue I would have more fun in WtS, and be faced with more of a challenge. I’m not sure what angle or side of the story i’ll be focusing on quite yet, but i’ve been doing some thinking/writing and I should come to a decision rather soon (that very well may change).

The featured image is a quote from the book “Most Likely To Succeed” by Ted Dintersmith and Tony Wagner.

Maddie Parker

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