#4 Cartography

Phaedra Miller

2 Responses to “#4 Cartography

  • Phaedra,

    There is a lot in this mind map; probably too much to fully address in one year of What’s the Story. However, I also see several doable action steps within the map from improving (creating?) queer inclusive curricula to creating a speaker series of role models. Does one of the paths you sketched out above look more interesting to follow than any of the others?


  • Hi Phaedra! Great map! It is so clear and easy to follow. I notice that under the curriculum branch you mention queer inclusivity in different classes. I am currently taking a statistics class at my school and there are many word problems that involve “Sarah and her husband Jim” and “Bob and his girlfriend”, and surveys that ask couples things like if the male or female takes out the trash more. I have never once read a question in my textbook referring to anything other than a heterosexual relationship. I wonder if queer representation in math classes is different than that of english or history classes. I can’t wait to keep reading your work!

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