#4 Exploring other intrests

Three topics that interested me when I was reading other blog posts were, human trafficking, Vermont income inequality and the effect on political satire on politics and youth. These topics interested me because all three were ones I didn’t know much about but were also vey creative and in my opinion not talked about a lot, although equally as important. Each blog writer was passionate about their topic and their blog was very well written.

Human trafficking is a problem that I was aware of but I was not aware how much of a problem it was, or that it was even a thing in Vermont. To learn that women and girls are just taken away and kidnapped tone forced into labor/sex/ex. makes me want to make a change and learn more about this topic. It makes me wonder what people can do to stop this. The topic seems really under the radar and not talked about, so it seem hard to address a topic that is hard to reach. A question mentioned in the post was “is it hard to find reliable statistics”, that is a question that I have to, because I would like to know some statistics. I also wonder is there are countries where human trafficking is legal. This topic is something I have never worried about before, however now I am worried. A big reason I find interest in this topic is because I want to feel safe and in order to feel safe something has to change. So if I or anyone else can make a tiny difference I will feel a little safer in my own skin.

Some thing I never worry about is income. To me thats something that adults worry about and why should I stress more about something I don’t have anything to do with. However reading the blog I had no idea how much my family could be affected. We aren’t exactly the richest family but my parents work hard and deserve to be treated the same as every one no matter their wealth. My mom is a teacher and it has been a huge arising problem in America for teacher not to make as much as they should, even though they work hard. In Vermont teacher actually make really good money compared to other states but I know what its like to have someone not make what they should so that is one reason this topic interest me. One thing I have heard is that in America you can’t change social classes, if your born poor you’ll most likely stay poor, because apparently that just how America works. I hate that, I want the world to be a place where it doesn’t matter who your parents are, it just matters what you make of yourself. Just because you are born into poverty you shouldn’t have to live like that your whole life, if you make something of yourself and work hard, anything should be possible. However if the rich are given all the benefits then nothing will change. A question asked in the blog that I had was ‘what can I as a student do’, that is something I wonder about all these topics because I want to make a difference but I feel like I have no power and I wonder who will actually listen besides others who agree but can’t make a difference.

I too like many teenager love watching skits like SNL and funny comedians. I especially like when they go after privilege white men in our society, I find it funny I’m not going to lie. However I to wonder what effect it has, or even if it has a effect. Honestly I don’t see it making a difference, we laugh at the spoofs but then nothing is done about it, because we still end up with people like Kavanaugh as a justice and Trump as our president.  In a way I wish it did have more of an effect, that people after laughing got up and made a difference. I wonder a lot about the comedians, how they get away with dissing the people of power in our government. I know freedom of speech is a thing but I have seen a person on a comedians show who has also been dissed on the show and it makes me wonder what both of them our thinking. I’m sure the government people see the skits about them but I wonder what they think, are they mad? do they laugh? How do they react? I think that it is important to laugh but I also think we can’t just laugh. We can’t keep avoiding the problems in our government by joking about it. It is ok to joke but then we need to take a stand and obviously what we are doing right now is not working. This is a topic that I would love to explore more and something I have always wanted to do is talk to the two different sides of this topic, the comedians and the political people.

I enjoyed this week looking and exploring other topics of others. I am definitely more interested in these topics.

Anna McIntosh

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  • Something I love about about this entry, Anna, is seeing the breadth of social topics that spark your passion. I can sense that you’re eager to start taking action.

    Since your last two entries focused on dress code, I’m curious if, after examining these other topics, you’re beginning to get a clearer sense of what you might want to choose as your main issue. I know from personal experience that it can be hard to settle on just one thing when there are so many intriguing possibilities out there.

    In many of your posts, including this one, you connect the issues you discuss with something in your personal life in compelling ways. This strikes me as one of your strengths, and is something that I hope you keep in mind as you move forward. I’m excited to read your next entry!

  • Allison Stebe
    4 years ago

    Hi Anna,

    I really like these other topics. There is definitely a lot to “unpack” in each of these areas and are very relevant not only in Vermont but nation wide. Our country seems to be very divided, especially in the area of politics and it leaves a lot of questions-especially as you and your peers approach voting age and want to make informed decisions. As a country, how can we foster more politically active young people? Political satire goes back years and years and I believe, is intended to encourage people to dig deeper into public policy and take a stand. However, as you mentioned, most people laugh it off and move on to the next thing. If you do pursue this topic, I think it would be interesting to research the impact of parody/political satire and see if there are examples of when it was effective. You could also look into local and nationwide organizations that take this issue on-perhaps there is a political satire group aimed at young people or intended to promote civic engagement.
    I am also really interested in human trafficking and the prevalence in VT. It seems like a topic that isn’t highly explored in VT but could be very interesting to see the connections made locally and worldwide, I have some resources specific to VT, if you pursue this topic please let me know.
    Finally, income inequality is so prevalent and almost always in the news. What came to mind when I read your post was the American Dream. You mentioned that you can’t change social classes and if you’re born poor you’ll most likely stay poor. The American Dream is harder and harder to reach but how do our current leader see that? What is their perception and what is the reality? What are the barriers for people to change social class? Such an interesting topic!
    I can’t wait to see what you choose. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts on all these topics.

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