#4: Great Leaders Alike

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it,” Simon Sinek. When I heard him say that, I thought back to when I was thinking about how I do things like WTS, and yet I’m not the kind of person you see on the news, or in the paper, but why does that matter? It doesn’t really, because I know I made an impact in some way, and I know why I did it. I did it to make a difference, to create a change. This also  made me think about when he was talking about the circle of why, how, and what, and although at first it seemed like a weird concept to me, it made sense.

For a lot of people, feelings overpower logic, and though I combine the two, still, it made sense. Appple advertised it why, how, what, and while they are still some of the best innovators, when you look at companies who did it what, how, and then why, you see that they might have not come as far as Apple. Why is that? Is it because the people who saw those advertisements let there feelings overpower their logic, or does it have something to do with a message behind the advertisement. I personally don’t know. What I do know is why I want be in WTS, not because of the future credits I get if I do it in high school, but the experience. Getting to create that change, which ultimately leads me to again think about Wage Gap, and the people who have went why, then how, and then what, because they are the ones who will probably have the most success, not with profits, but with creating that impact.

When I looked online about innovative change and the wage gap, something that popped up that instantly caught my eye. It was the national women’s law center. There entire focus is on getting rid of the wage gap. They focus on empowering women, and getting Congress to pass a bill to abolish the wage gap. They have been working for four decades! Although they haven’t quite reached there goal, they have come so far, because they started with why, then to how, and then they explained what. When you first open up there main site, the first thing you see is why they are working to abolish the wage gap, and then they explain how you can help them towards there goal. There are one of the best examples I have found so far of innovative change and the wage gap. They are the kind of people who see the truth for what it is, and they don’t just brush it aside, they show it to the world, and no matter how long it takes, they still work so hard towards there final end goal…abolishing the wage gap.


Grace Darrow

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